Breaking the Ceiling: Healthcare's Leading Women Discuss How They Got Ahead

Career barriers women face prevent innovations that help consumers and patients. Blocking women from leadership perpetuates narrowminded decisions, and blocking women from capital stifles chances for access and change.

Heather Fernandez (CEO, Solv), Dorothy Hoffman (Access Innovation Lead, Pfizer), and Ann Stadjuhar (VP Sales, SymphonyRM) discuss the complex dance breaking down those barriers and paving the way for change.

Even with enormous demands and pressures, women like Heather, Dorothy, and Ann focus on moving forward and helping others grow. They didn’t do it alone, so they focus on the leaders and mentors that helped build organizations and solidify dreams.

Heather Fernandez (CEO, Solv)

Heather discusses her experience as a founder and how her company’s "right time, right place" moment addressing COVID-19. Her long focus on consumerism and access helped alleviate challenges many consumers had with screenings, vaccinations, and urgent care.

As a busy mother, she’ll discuss the complex balancing act that she’s had to play. This involves care for her family, her employees, and the patients and consumers they serve. It also involves the rigorous and taxing demands from Silicon Valley investors.

Dorothy Hoffman (Access Innovation Lead, Pfizer)

Dorothy Hoffman shares perspectives on managing access and innovation within Pfizer during the chaos of a pandemic. Her focus is on using social determinants of health (SDoH) as factors in expanding access and equality to the underserved.

Dorothy has taken powerful leadership roles in healthcare, drug policy, and non-profits. Her past work with major health institutions fuels many stories on the experience of breaking glass ceilings.

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Heather Fernandez

Title: CEO & Co-founder
Company: Solv.

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Dorothy Hoffman

Title: Access Innovation Lead
Company: Healthcare Innovation Center @ Pfizer 

circle-cropped (7)Ann Stadjuhar

Title: VP Sales
Company: SymphonyRM

Photo-Chris-Hemphill-200x200Chris Hemphill

Title: Director of Client AI & Operations
Company: SymphonyRM

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