Don't You Forget About Gen X: One Generation's Crucial Role in Healthcare

While the battle rages on between Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z, one group is quietly transforming healthcare. 75% of Generation X (people born between 1965 and 1979) report that they’re the primary healthcare decision maker in their households.

Gen X now drives more healthcare decisions for themselves and their families. How do they make these decisions, and what drives them?

Alan Shoebridge, Director of Marketing at Salinas Valley Memorial Health System, & Dean Browell, Principal at Feedback, wrote the book on Gen X healthcare decisions. They’ll be breaking it down for us.

In this session, learn the traits, characteristics and thought processes that link Generation X. We’ll discuss the differences in how they make healthcare decisions, and how healthcare marketers can nurture and grow relationships.

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Alan Shoebridge

Title: Director of Marketing
Company: Salinas Valley Memorial Health System


Dean Browell

Title: Principal
Company: Feedback

photo-cirlce-Alan-Tam-130x130Alan Tam

Title: VP of Marketing
Company: SymphonyRM

Photo-Chris-Hemphill-200x200Chris Hemphill

Title: VP, Applied AI & Growth
Company: SymphonyRM

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