Fighting Racism in Health Care Outreach & Algorithms

Bias abounds in health care, whether it’s intended or not. Even in health care marketing and consumer engagement, common targeting methods unintentionally exclude race, gender, and sexual minorities. For example, methods that segment by zip codes and income, and even methods using EMR data, common algorithms, or machine learning frequently perpetuate bias.

Dr. Emily Bembeneck, Sr. Associate Director for UC Booth Applied AI, will share the story on bias in widespread approaches in health care and their playbook for health care leaders to fight bias in their own organizations.

Fighting bias doesn’t stop with algorithms. Rebecca Nissan from ideas42 will discuss the behavioral sciences involved, and Chris Hemphill and Ling Hong from SymphonyRM will discuss coordinating data science with patient engagement leaders to make these efforts real.

Join us to discuss and learn on a whole host of issues impacting health equity today -

  • Bias in health care, health care algorithms, and its impact
  • You can’t manage what you can’t measure - measuring bias in outreach and populations
  • The crossroads - will algorithms and AI approaches perpetuate or reduce bias?
  • Regulatory efforts around how we’ll use algorithms and AI

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Dr. Emily Bembeneck

Title: Sr. Associate Director
Company: UC Booth Applied AI



Becca Nissan

Title: Sr. Associate
Company: ideas42

Photo-Chris-Hemphill-200x200Chris Hemphill

Title: VP, Applied AI & Growth
Company: SymphonyRM

photo-cirlce-Ling-Hong-130x130Ling Hong

Title: Data Scientist
Company: SymphonyRM

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