Healthcare Digital Transformation: How to Drive Consumer Growth & Loyalty

In 2020, we learned that rapid digital transformation in healthcare is possible. Unfortunately, the catalyst to this change was a pandemic

In quick order, health systems coordinated to launch telehealth, outdoor vaccination, remote monitoring, and countless other technologies to combat it. As we move against COVID-19, another villain remains: poor consumer experiences in healthcare versus other industries.

How can we move past this? Former Cleveland Clinic CIO, Edward Marx, lays a roadmap and field guide to the culture and technology health systems should adapt in his latest book: Healthcare Digital Transformation: How Consumerism, Technology and Pandemic are Accelerating the Future

Edward’s current role as Chief Digital Officer - Life Sciences at Tech Mahindra has him exposed to the latest customer experience innovations at leading brands like DKNY, Gerber, and Red Bull. In this conversation, he’ll share strategy and learnings that healthcare can adopt:

  • The latest in data-driven customer experiences across industries
  • Healthcare digital transformation
  • Healthcare AI transformation and case studies

Healthcare has a responsibility to deliver excellent consumer experiences, and it goes far beyond revenue. Let’s explore what we can learn from other industries, and how we can leapfrog them.

At this event, you’re welcome to take part in the conversation. Edward and SymphonyRM look forward to your questions and stories!

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Edward Marx

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Company: Tech Mahindra Health & Life Sciences

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