Next Best Actions for Every Patient

Data-driven insights for patient engagement

The lifetime value (LTV) of a patient relationship to a health system is nearly $50,000. A typical health system with 200,000 patients has an opportunity to drive nearly $10 Billion in value to their population.

Next Best Actions guide unique proactive engagement prioritized around value for both the patient and the health system.


  • SymphonyRM's Platform uses next generation data science & engineering to ingest data from multiple sources: EMRs, payer, marketing tech, pop health, 3rd Party sources, & more.
  • Orchestrate multi-channel patient dialogue across Marketing, Population Health, Care Coordinators, Access Centers, SMS, etc.
    he patient experience by matching outreach to capacity to avoid overflows & lag times
  • Algorithms & machine learning identify, personalize, and value Next Best Actions for every patient.

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