Phase II and Physician Burnout

Physicians and other healthcare providers are being pushed to their limits daily, often more than six days per week.

What's the impact on their health, mental health, and well-being?

It's unfortunate that this is a question we need to ask, but to answer it, we're speaking with Janae Sharp.

Janae has extensive experience in healthcare IT and communications, and she's used this expertise to form a nonprofit, the Sharp Index, that gathers data and issues recommendations related to physician burnout.

Janae gave a powerful introduction in a previous session, and this conversation will discuss the physician experience as we've moved deeper through the pandemic.

Content Warning:

These discussions can be very personal and touch on sensitive subjects such as mental health issues, depression, and suicide.

Though the subject matter can be intense, these are important conversations to have, an we welcome your stories and questions during this session.

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circle-cropped (30)Janae Sharp

Title: Founder
Company: Sharp Index

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Title: VP Clinical Solutions
Company: SymphonyRM

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Title: Director of Client AI & Operations
Company: SymphonyRM

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