The New PRM Playbook - Adapting to Change We Didn't Choose

In physician relations, the "Change we Didn't Choose" came from the pandemic's impact on outreach, clinicians, and hospital administration.

- Outreach: The need for social distancing forced moves to digital and virtual channels
- Clinicians: Strained and uncertain change to care delivery needs added a greater need for clinician well-being
- Administration: COVID-19 delivery hurt margins to the point that administrators needed higher visibility to financial impact in order to make and drive decisions

That's three areas that demand huge change! As a leader and transformation agent for physician outreach groups at hospitals nationwide, Kriss Barlow (principal: Barlow/McCarthy, author: Physician Relations) has seen and led change at many health systems during the pandemic.

From this knowledge, she offers powerful thoughts and insights to the questions on our minds -
- What can we do to maintain our relationships with physicians and assist their well-being?
- What evidence is leadership looking for to share physician relations impact?
- How can we grow the skills needed in a world that's increasingly leaning towards virtual interactions?

Though the overarching elements are change we didn't choose, this conversation focuses on how to thrive in new environments and operating models.

We appreciate that our physician liaison partners have been vocal, data-driven, and informative. 

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