You Don’t Know Me! Chris Bevolo on Personalization in Healthcare Marketing

Personalization carries more weight in healthcare than in other industries. Missing high-impact healthcare outreach is a far greater cost than missing TV recommendations or shopping offers.

Chris Bevolo, author of Joe Public Doesn't Care About Your Hospital, has spent a career moving healthcare towards consumerism. To help us unravel the complexities around personalization, he joins our Head of Influence services, Sarah Coles.

What you'll learn:
  • How to focus on on personalization and relevance without being creepy
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of personalization strategies & platforms
  • Cultural & change management around creating personalized/data-driven outreach

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Chris Bevolo

Title: Executive Vice President
Company: ReviveHealth

Photo-Chris-Hemphill-200x200Chris Hemphill

Title: VP, Applied AI & Growth
Company: SymphonyRM

circle-cropped (26)Sarah Coles

Title: Head of Influence
Company: SymphonyRM

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